Chicken with Trains, or, Who to Vote For?

bnsf_5350_20040808_prairie_du_chien_wiThere are those who have been on Trump and Hillary’s respective bandwagons all along.  But on my Facebook feed, the dispute is between people (mostly Christians) who dislike both candidates, but for various reasons, support, or frown upon, a Trump vote.

Three arguments seem to be repeated again and again in different creative ways.

Primo.  Trump is not as bad as he looks, vote for Trump.

Secondo.  Clinton might be worse, Trump might be worse, but both are evil.  Given a choice of evils, choose neither.  At least you’ll have a clean conscience.

Terzo.  The situation does not give you the option of escape by evading a choice.  To choose neither is no guarantee of a clean conscience.  To reject both evils is to be irresponsible. Like Sophie, we must choose.  Take my little girl!  Take my baby!

I just want to call a time out for a bit.  You see, to apply some wise advice my mother recently gave me (in a different context), we are forgetting who the real enemy is.

We’re being faced with a choice of evils because the Evil One loves to sow confusion.  The Devil is the father of lies.  So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re facing two candidates not notorious for honesty.   I am not trying to relativize the three differing viewpoints, as will be seen.  But I think many godly men and women, arriving at different conclusions, are simply doing their best with the puzzler of a lifetime.  Let us love Christ’s church, and be willing vessels of God’s grace, even if time proves some of us were wrong, after the election debris settles.

Two trains are speeding towards one another down the same track, going 100 mph or so.  My child is in one of them, unaware of the impending collision.  Now, as luck would have it, two buttons are at my right hand.  The buttons will blow up one train or the other, preventing the fatal game of chicken from occurring, but ensuring that one train is blasted off the planet.  But the problem is, I’m not sure which train is empty, and which one holds my child.  Which button do I press?

A failure to press a button kills my child in a game of train chicken.  But if I chose to press one, I only have a 50/50 shot at saving my child’s life.  What to do?

Well, I chose to press neither button, because the analogy is wrong.  Actually, it’s not my child in the train, it’s me.  And it’s a Get Smart episode, and something cheesy and unique is about to happen at the last minute, to save my skin.  I’ll discover that my train can take flight, or has a steering wheel, or something.  But even if the worst happens, it could turn out that my sacrifice saves my own child.  I’ll become a cautionary tale.  Playing two-party train chicken was a bad idea.

There’s still plenty of room for a cheesy Get Smart deliverance, or a miraculous II Kings one.  Things may become volatile very fast.  Hillary and Trump are both losing popularity.   Obama could declare himself dictator-for-life sometime before January 20.  Hillary could be in the hospital, or prison, or both.  Trump could be crawling on the ground in a state of mindless confusion (it’s been known to happen to proud rulers).  Or, conversely, Trump’s recent “born again” experience could prove to be genuine.  (That, also, has been known to happen to proud rulers.)   But this may be our last shot at a clean conscience “neither” vote.  Or perhaps that was in 2012.  I’m not sure.

Let us pray for the Father’s mercy, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the grace of Christ.


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