Liberalism Basics: Why It’s Evil, and Why No Christian Should Be One


Capitalist, Communist, Socialist and Totalitarian societies are all forced to operate according to basic rules.  A loaf of bread is put in the hands of citizens in much the same way.

Imagine a country that gets all its loaves of bread by importing them.   I don’t know much about Greenland, but I imagine that it’s hard to grow wheat on its barren ice fields, hard to keep factories operating in its bitter cold.  Greenland (if anyone lives there!) must therefore import bread in bulk, cramming its wharves with ship after ship bringing in daily bread, boxed up in huge wooden crates.

It’s easy to imagine the usual life cycle of bread: seed to farmer, farmer to mill, mill to factory, factory to distributor, distributor to store, store to consumer.  These puzzles pieces would have to exist in some form in any society, from Communist to Anarchist.  But I’ve chosen Greenland to simplify this process down to just one step to highlight an important truth: namely, the bread must be imported.  It won’t simply drift into port on its own, waiting for the hungry poor to pick it out from among floating icebergs and snow sheets.

Who will import this bread?  Someone will have to be in charge of getting the bread imported, and have the means to hire (or coerce) men and women to perform the labor involved in getting the bread from New York to Nuuk.  This “someone” is the person who possesses the “means of production.”

Now, in America, and other Capitalist societies, the “means of production” are usually put in the hands of individuals, ranging from moguls like Donald Trump, to your Mom and Pop store owner downtown.  The people with the “means of production” are the only people in society who can truly be considered “free.”  Even employment is a mild form of slavery, because employees are paid to manage, labor for, or otherwise aid the project that the business owner possesses.

So, my bread importer, bringing vessels of rye into Greenland, uses a number of employees to make the other employees work harder and better (managers), pack up the bread and put it on the ships (laborers), get people interested in buying the bread (sales and marketers), and ultimately get it off the ship and into the cupboard (distributors).  But all these “slaves,” as I will call employees from now on, are not free in the sense that the owner of the business is free.  They take what he offers to pay them and do what he tells them to do, and in a free society, labor and quit as they, or the owners, wills.

In a totalitarian society, like those which embrace Communism, the means of production are removed from private owners, and re-centered in the government.  This has the effect of thrusting men and women into even deeper slavery than would be true in a Capitalist society.  If I don’t want to make bread in America, I can quit and seek another job.  But if the government owns the means of producing bread, they can send the police to my door and force me to come grind grain.

Liberalism is but the slippery slope of coercion that eventually leads to totalitarianism — that is, forced labor for a government entity.  But the diabolical evil that makes liberalism so odious is that it disguises its power play under the mask of “magnanimity” and “niceness.”

Liberals say they want to care for the poor, provide health services, and so on, but these are all disguises.  The true intent of liberalism is, and always has been, to strip the means of production from the people and give them to the government.  Take Obamacare as an instance.  For all the nice promises of Obamacare, what was the net effect?  Evil insurance companies, who (granted) were likely to screw people with ridiculous premiums and loopholes, lost their power to an even more evil government.  Before, I could stay out of the clutches of an evil insurance company by simply not buying insurance.  But now, the government, in the name of benevolence, forces people to buy insurance.  The step from coercion to outright slavery is a tiny one.

Therefore, Christians should not be fooled by the smiley-faced gloss of liberalism.







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