A Group Effort

Christians must find a way to end abortion.

Until recently, I was tempted to think that the swiftest, most direct way to end abortion, was for Christians to get on board one cause, and through the overwhelming force of unity, end the evil of infanticide. I saw too many solutions. Was a political action group, a crisis pregnancy center, or on-campus effort the best way? I’d end up splitting my giving equally between a handful of groups, but secretly thought that if everyone would just agree on one solution, we’d get somewhere fast.

My wife and I both have a family history of depression. Her dad fought, and tamed, the illness some years ago, and has wise advice when it comes to battling depression: People tend to look for a silver bullet — a magic solution that will cure depression quickly and decisively. But the trick to defeating depression is patient self-discipline in a number of small factors: better diet, more exercise, time spent watching comedy, cultivating friendships, and more.

This, I realized, is true of the problem of abortion as well. The evil is not complex. But the cultural factors that have made America such a welcome place for this wickedness are complex, and multifaceted. So, like depression, abortion is a battle requiring patient fighting on many fronts.

Even so, because we see the sin of abortion through murky glasses, we lack a clear vision to fight it. Abortion is essentially the product of certain sexual attitude that is not often identified. More on this in the future.


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