Liberty: Pollock or Mondrian?

One of Satan’s clever tricks has been to train modern minds to see liberty defined as unshackled, unrestrained behavior permitted.

As in most of Satan’s lies, there is half the truth in this formula, because, being shackled to a set of rules and required behaviors is obviously not liberty. So, the opposite condition readily masquerades as freedom.

Which of these works of art (painted in roughly the same era) represents liberty? The left example, by Jackson Pollock, demonstrates an extreme lack of restraint — actually randomness, resulting in a simplicity that appears complex. The painting on the right, by Piet Mondrian, demonstrates an intense set of rules, resulting in a complexity that appears simple. Which is the more free work of art?

I would argue that these works of art are two sides of the same coin, one representing the chaotic side of bondage, and one the slavish side.

The Bible says that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Cor 3.17) Because this same freedom-bringing Holy Spirit also brought order out of chaos, and light out of darkness, we know that Order, which means Forms, Boundaries and Rules, is directly tied to Freedom and Liberty. Beyond that, I don’t have the wisdom to speak. But I do know the art that Freedom produces, and it’s anything but disorderly.


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