Shout Your Abortion

The hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion has me throwing up my hands in frustration.

Faced with graphic photos of dismembered babies, I’m not sure how the pro-abortion crowd can continue to blind their eyes to the horror of abortion and say things like “abortion is a medical procedure, not a moral quandary.”

I wish proponents of abortion could be forced to answer with a simple “yes” or “no,”
1) Does the “tissue of cells” being aborted have nerves?
2) Is the “tissue of cells” capable of feeling pain when sliced to pieces or crushed?
3) If the “tissue of cells” had a voice, would it be crying out for mercy?

The obvious, medically supported response to the first two questions is “yes,” and that’s the obvious emotional response to the third. But the pro-abortion crowd is beyond listening to reason. They represent bigotry, backwards thinking, “the Dark Ages,” etc., even while accusing pro-lifers of representing such things.

The Shout which pretends to proclaim the enlightened nature of abortion is actually the last attempt to drown out the prickings of conscience.   Because all of us, including abortion providers and recipients, have a spark of something God-given and unshakeable: a burning desire for justice.

The conscience demands justice. #ShoutYourAbortion screams to the conscience “shut up!”

But even pro-abortionists find justice. Because abortion is in a sense, justice. It is a twisted justice. It is the demonic justice demanded by incubus and succubus. It is the rent that must be paid on the brothel room. True justice calls for the blood of evildoers to be shed. In a Satanic twist, our national justice calls for the blood of our own unborn daughter or son to be shed. The only remedy is God’s justice, which calls for the shed blood of His own Son. That is true justice: the blood of the innocent Christ instead of the blood of the guilty abortion doctor, the guilty mother, the guilty father. Come to Christ and be clean, all stained with the blood of abortion!  The blood of Christ has answered the screams for justice, once for all.

We must pray for our nation to repent. But the repentance must start with us.

Abortion doctors cut the head off an 11 week old baby, but that sundering of body parts only symbolizes the average Christian’s view of sex. God intended sex to give pleasure and to give life, but we’ve tucked those joys, which were never meant to be separated, away in separate boxes with the abortion victim’s brain and liver.

Abortion is a monster, a demon. The mild use of birth control may only be an obsession with the flick of the monster’s tail, seemingly harmless compared to the murders inside the clinic. No life is taken – only prevented.

Nevertheless, it comes down to the same thing – an attempt to stifle the natural fruits of sexual intercourse.   And I’d like to suggest that it’s hard to slay a monster when you’re grabbing the end of its tail. May God grant us wisdom.


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