Satan’s Hurt Feelings

To Satan, every diabolical work is God’s fault.

To illustrate, think of how petty fights may go in a marriage.  In my marriage, I am the one who hates little details unattended to.  A couple extra lights burning in unoccupied rooms, toilets that had failed to be plunged, omission of the important task of replacing the toilet paper when the roll runs out, these things put me in a state of low level annoyance and prickliness.

Once, I entered the bathroom, discovered in frustration that the toilet paper had run out for the 400th time, and decided to put things to a test.  “Let’s see how my wife handles this!” I thought, and instead of replacing it, I simply left the old brown cardboard tube hanging there.  Surely, I thought, she will see it and deal with it — eventually.  As the days passed and nothing was done, the charges in my mind mounted.  “See what a slacker my wife is?  Too slothful to replace a stupid roll of toilet paper!  Verdict — lazy!”

I was punishing my family for her “crime.”  The now filthy toilet, the clogged pipes due to people substituting Kleenexes for the toilet paper function, and a lot of miserable time spent by us all being passive aggressive over a piece of brown paper, were the penalties due to everyone but me.  In my mind, this mounting milieu of toilet ill humor was all Laura’s fault!

I believe that this story illustrates how Satan’s brain must work.   Satan is trying to bring Hell to earth as a way of punishing God, because, in Satan’s mind, it’s all God’s fault.  “All I wanted was for Adam and Eve to have the pleasure of a little knowledge,” he must think, moaning in a pained inner voice that channels the pathos of Gollum.  “I just wanted to provide a little balance to the viewpoint, a little intellectual stimulation to the dialogue, and look how unfairly God treated me!”  Or, when thinking on Jesus, “I mean, I offered him the whole world and look how unfairly he repaid me!”

Does Satan take pleasure in an abortion?  You bet.  But it’s a diabolical pleasure.  At the end of the procedure, Satan’s lies must create a twisted inner psyche where, in some sense, he sees the precise evil of what just happened, but credits the wrong to God.


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