Abortion as Payment

Abortion is a child sacrifice.  It is a payment.

Credit card companies celebrate swiping yourself into luxury, and conceal the misery of endless billing cycles.  Abortion is the miserable payment the Devil demands for a good lay or two, but like all the Devil’s “gifts,” even the sex loses its pleasure.

So, pointing out that abortion kills an actual child is like pointing out that swiping a credit card spends actual money.  Both statements are true, but bootless when it comes to giving the Devil a good kick in the teeth.

Abortion users have a subconscious, or even fully conscious understanding of this principle.   Things done in dark corners of dance clubs, dark cars after high school proms, and dark rooms devoid of the marriage covenant, must be paid for with real flesh: flesh chopped up in the only innocent darkness and brought into a clinical, unforgiving light.

So, the first principle to remember when fighting abortion is this.  Abortion is the sacrifice that must be offered to the forces of darkness in exchange for godless sex.  The baby is the victim, the abortionist is the priest, the clinic is the altar.

Christ came to destroy the works of the Devil.  Any solution must begin with His sacrifice.  Amen.


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