Book Review: Evangelical Is Not Enough

For Thomas Howard, the worship rites of the Roman Catholic tradition are superior to those of Protestant Christians.  “Evangelical Is Not Enough,” is an inviting, warm-hearted account of his journey from Evangelical Protestantism to the Roman Catholic Faith by way of Anglicanism.

This book was recommended by a dear Roman Catholic friend with whom I have enjoyed debates about the nature of Christian truth.  Is the Roman Catholic Church the true pillar of the truth, or not?  Because the book was recommended in the context of the Catholic/Protestant debate, I expected it to tackle root theological questions head on.  Instead, Howard goes to the root by considering the branch of worship rituals and their origins.

Over the next few posts, I hope to interact with the book one chapter at a time and show that, like his Roman Catholic faith, Howard offers gems of beauty which Protestants should do well to wear, but overlooks the treasure trove at the expense of a few diamonds.


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